Blush Cold Shoulder Dress – ASOS
Nude Gladiator Sandals – Daisy Street

Final days in Marrakesh  and I’m not looking forward to heading home. I rocked this beautiful cotton care-free look during my trip to the Local Markets where They sell a range of Moroccan Mosaic Plates hand made using centuries old techniques.

For this occasion I wore my Lace up Sandals I knew would be a 2017 summer favourite so I thought I’d get a head start on my summer wardrobe now. These beauts were paired with a blush coloured v-neckline dress with an exposed shoulder design – don’t worry, I made sure to apply EXTRA Suncream on those areas. 

PxT Tip: Worried your dress or skirt is too short?? Pair your outfit with gladiator sandals to create the illusion of a more conservative look. It’s a perfect way to dress according to the weather whilst avoiding the possibility of offending the locals. Don’t want to be condemned. 
Comment below to share your stories of Any experiences of you almost got into trouble in foreign country. So whether you were caught naked on a beach or experienced conflict for taking pictures of a ‘fascinating’ local, share below. 
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