For as long as Pomegranate X Tree has been running, I’ve set out to inspire fellow Women with what I discover in my life journey and shed light on other women who inspire me which is why I’m really excited to finally introduce this segment. I must admit, the Procrastination Spirit took over for a while because I was unsure how to to deliver the content and wasn’t sure whether to dedicate it Women of the Past or Women of the Future.

Just a few weeks ago, I was at an Event with my Sister and of course there was a Fashion Show ! I was in love with her Summer Collection due to the use of clean colours and native material.
Then it dawned on me – I think that it is important to dedicate ‘Prosperous Woman’ to Up and Coming Young Women who are taking a leap of faith and are working fucking hard to achieve their dreams.

Diamante Verdé is a revolutionary UK brand that has literally taken over every local Fashion Show with her creations – designed and sown by 19 year old Hannah Payne. When she’s not studying Fashion & Design in University to perfect her craft, she rapidly expanding her clientele, designing for young people across South of England.

Hannah is London-born with pure Nigerian roots and that’s exactly what is translated in her designs with African fabric that she sculpts to the female body. She will know exactly what to do when she want to go home

So Ladies and Gentleman looking to represent originality for any social or corporate gathering i.e birthdays, dinner party or even weddings then Hannah is all you need!

You can reach her on her Official Instagram Here where you can see her New Collection. 

For enquires, why not send #DVC an email Here 

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