So I’ve joined the thousands or millions of girls who love them some Anastastia. Over the past few months, I’ve accumulated more than just the beauty brand’s infamous Illuminator – which have become one of my staplers!

Another product I’m obsessing over is the Anastasia Beverley Hills Clear Brow Gel which helps achieve that ‘Natural look’. Sometimes filling in brows can make it look too perfect; literally like you applied permanent marker on top of your eyes and in case you didn’t get the analogy – that’s not cute! 
What I do is apply the Clear Brow Gel to position the brow hairs which is usually in an upwards position. After, I fill them in with my Anastastia Beverley Hills Brow Power Duo, I go in again with my Brow Gel to seal the product in place and create that natural, Wilder Beast look –I woke up like this! 


The other product I love is the Anastastia Beverley Hills Beauty Genius which is used for… Pretty much everything – especially around the eye area. When I am planning a night out or attending an event, I make sure that I apply it on top of my eyeliner o insure longevity. There’s a high chance that I can wind up looking like a panda because I laughed way too hard. 
I’m keen to try the Anastastia Beverley Hills Glow Kit and the Eyeshadow Palette but it doesn’t seem to be in stock at the moment. 
Comment below to recommend any other products from this brand and your experience using the products mentioned in this blog. 
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