So I’m back with another travel blog – I’ve been really active lately and I think it has something to do with the change in weather. As I’ve mentioned on Pomegranate X Tree previously, Spring/Summer is my favourite season as I feel extra inspired by EVERYTHING; the boost in vitamin D, the beautiful blossomed flowers and of course fashion!!! Well I was with my sister and cousin hanging out as usual when we came up with a brilliant idea – lets have a somewhat Luxury Spa Weekend!

Spa Relaxation Room 

Planning the weekend to everybodies taste and preference was stressful to say the least. In true typical manner, we wanted that ‘Luxury Experience’ but we weren’t mentally prepared for the luxury price tag that came along with it. We checked on bargain sites such as Wowcher, Low Cost Holidays, SpaBreaks.com and anything else we could find.

After weeks and weeks of planning, we finally found a perfect deal which consisted of; 
– 2 night stay at 4* Hotel 
– 2 30 min treatments; robes and slippers provided 
– Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided for the duration of our stay 
– Triple room suite (obviously perfect for accommodation of 3 Adults) 
– Free wifi for all guests 
Total cost: £170 pp

Ashford International Hotel, Kent 

I think it was perfect, the room was spacious and suited our needs with much needed Wifi so my Sister could snapchat the experience. The food was very good and you could eat as much or as little as your heart desired. In regards to the Spa treatments, I opted for a Foot Massage and a Full Body Exfoliation featuring a Natural Salt Scrub by ESPA Skincare and it did wonders for my skin in general as it looked and felt radiant and supple. However, for this occasion I do wish that I chose an actual full body massage as oppose to the body exfoliation because I do feel that I could have achieved the same result in the comfort of my own home. I have previously expressed my love for Rituals Cosmetics and their Himalaya Scrub and I think it’s just as effective as this 30 min Spa Treatment.
Hotel Breakfast 
Midday Tea party !!!

Although this wasn’t our idea of a ‘Luxury Adventure’ we felt connected, rejuvenated and ever grateful.

Comment below to let me know what your ideal Luxury Spa Weekend would be and who you would like to experience it with. 

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