This blog has been long overdue but as the famous idiom states, it’s better late than never! A few months ago my Instagram exploded with daily photos of my trip with West Africa and I wanted to make sure that I documented my experience.

This Trip was particularly significant because Nigeria is my Country of Origin where I spent my early teenage years. When I returned to the United Kingdom, I became adamant that I would not go back to Nigeria – it could have been out of rebellion or due to all the painful memories associated with. However, with all the pain I was trying to avoid, it was a painful event that lead to my restitution…the first time in over 10 years.

What made this trip different is he fact that I was a young Adult who was grown enough to make decisions meaning that I navigated my journey to suit my expectations and my needs.
I have always wanted to visit the Capital which in the opinion of many has been perceived as being protected from corruption. I loved how peaceful yet electrifying Abuja was opposed to the overpopulated, rambunctious Lagos.

Laughs & Festivities, Ekiti State


There was a point where I became overwhelmed with anxiety that I feel was deeply embedded in my subconscious all the while. I don’t think I even realised it until I was stuck in traffic one day in a car full of opinionated women who did nothing short of elevate my blood pressure. I can sit and laugh about it now but at the time, laughter was the last thing on my mind.

                         Visit to a National Park, Abuja

I even visited my old Secondary School, Lagos

During my visit to the surrounding villages where my Dad was raised I experienced one of the highlights of the trip where serenity was the dominating aura and it was soo much easier to let go of all the worry and the constant feeling of wanting to be in control of EVERY feeling and EVERY experience rather than just EXPERIENCING. I appreciate experiencing all the strong minded Nigerians; the local foods from different tribes and even the 40°c weather.

Would I go back? Yes I would – Just not in the next year or so! That is not a reflection on the country itself but my personal struggles that I will slowly need to resolve. Who knows – I might migrate there in a few years.

Comment below to let me know you’re thoughts and any experiences of travelling to your originating countries.

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