Do you ever just sit by yourself, a little defeated but still cute and think… life is hard?! I guess it’s easier to move through life with a full face of makeup, a hard exterior and act like nothing bothers you which CAN work and I’m sure there are aunties, mothers and even fellow self that live by this philosophy but when I sit down in front of my computer desktop at work or watch Youtube videos at home alone of young people travelling the world, I realise that as much as life IS hard – I want to fight for quality of life.
That doesn’t mean you should live a life with no responsibilities because that’s selfish especially if you have dependents. What I am referring to is vulnerability – I know this is a daunting term to envisage but just think of it as… taking off your full face of makeup (makeup being a metaphor! just in case you weren’t following) Sometimes you have to let your skin breathe. 
So the next time you wonder why life isn’t giving you the same effort you put in, you might want to lose the hard-headed persona and LIVE damn it! What’s the worse that could happen? You’ll reflect at 85 years old and have shit loads of adventurous stories to tell of how you didn’t like self-restrictions stop you. 
Comment and let me know how you plan to start living because I have a list that I intend to tick off… one by one. 

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