1 – The Faux Fur Coat

I think I have a problem when it comes to faux fur. I have everything from faux fur coats to faux fur scarfs just to give me that extra glam and comfort combined.
2 – The High-Knee Boot

Here’s a tip: If you have High-knee boots that tend to slouch when you walk, put on a pair of inexpensive thick high knee socks underneath to give you that extra support. Works like a charm!
3 – The Razor Cut Bob

I’ve been wanting to do a bob for the longest but after one bad experience in college, I’ve hated short hairstyles due to the way it frames my face – I looked like a toddler! However, I’ve learnt that a slightly longer bob slimlines the face.
4 – The Sneaker 

We are all observant enough to know that there are brands that phase in out out of hot trends. Last season it was Nike which I featured in my other ‘Season Faves‘ but this season I have to give it to Addidas for their new collection. I’ve been in love with the Addidas Superstars but since every other girl decided to buy out all the stores in the UK, I couldn’t get my hands on them. Now, I’m glad I didn’t purchase them because the Addidas Tubular Defiants are amazing. It’s not a classic like the Superstars but it has a nice edge to it. You could pair it casually with a t-shirt dress or with Joni Jeans.
5 – The Bell Sleeve

This is not just a Season Fave and I hope it stays that way because I love a flare. I love a flare bottom or a flare sleeve because I love exaggeration!!
6 – The 90s Choker – Rope Choker

Can I confess y’all?! Choker’s are really uncomfortable. Comment below if you know what I am talking about. I know people are say that it’s because it’s on too tight but I also feel the same when wearing any kind of turtle neck top – I guess that’s part of my claustrophobia. However, I generally find that during the course of the day, I get use to having someone on my neck area and I don’t feel as irritated.
Anyways, if any of you are looking for some western rope chokers, try heading over to Depop, type it into the search bar and you’re sure to see plenty of variety.
7 – The Scent – Fragrance – Candle

My favourite scents are Lady Million by Paco Rabanne which is what I got my mum for Mothers’ Day next weekend, pretty much anything from Jo Malone and Rihanna new scent titled, Riri. It’s got a sweet scent but it’s still mature enough for a young woman. We can’t smell like Refreshers for the rest of our lives Ladies!

Comment below to let me know which one are your season faves.

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